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Our Company specializes in the export and servicing of Horti/Agricultural products.

Flower Bulbs

Flower bulbs

DET is able to supply all types of Flower Bulbs for almost any application. Whether it be for cut flowers, public gardens, potted flowers, further propagation of bulbs or any other commercial application, such as Lily’s, Tulips, Gladiolus and many more. Our company is very flexible and we do not make use of local middlemen. We are able to deliver any flowerbulb, meeting your requirements.

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Seed Potatoes & Onion sets

Onionsets & Seed potatoes

There are many varieties of Onionsets we deliver, such as Stuttgarter Riessen, Red Karmen and Snowball. As for seedpotatoes we can supply your company with varieties such as Agria, Nicola, Bintje and Desiree. It is no problem for DET to export any type of them. We at DET only export quality products and we operate the market on a daily base.

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Machinery, Equipment & Turnkey Projects

Machinery, Equipment & Turnkeyprojects

Machines and Equipment have become a necessity for the agrarian sector, food -, livestock- and poultry- industries. Those are a few just examples, we are able to deliver t oalmost every kind of industry. To aid your business in growing, DET can provide you with all your required materials.

We at DET have a lot of experience regarding turnkey projects, which makes us capable of helping your company grow efficiently.

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As for the horticultural industry, we export small plants, plastic, peatmoss, greenhouses and much more. We possess alot of expertise to help your company expand its production. DET can guide and assist your company on turnkey project based with all required materials, equipment and other products.

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Grain & Commodities


Dutch Export & Trading also supplies Grain for various purposes to any standard specification. We have contacts all over the world and are therefore in a position to be able to supply almost any type of Grain. For example Rice, animal feeds, wheat and corn.

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Our focus is to deliver whatever your needs may be. We are prepared and willing to supply everything, whether it be cacao, coffee or tea.

We are often asked ‘’Can you deliver….? And we answer ‘’Yes we can!’’. Therefore please do not hesitate to contact us with you specific question.

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