About Dutch Export & Trading

About Dutch export & Trading

Dutch Export & Trading is situated  in Emmeloord, in the heart of the northern flower growing / agricultural centre of the Netherlands. We are a new, vibrant company with more than fifty years of experience at your disposal. We have a vast network of international connections and are therefore able to export almost anything. We will do our utmost to supply your company’s demands.

Our clients often ask us: “Can you supply……?” Our answer will always be: “Yes we can!”

Dutch Export & Trading is an export & trading company that supplies the cliënts demands. Your wish is our business on an international basis. Our specialists travel all over the world and have built up a huge contact portfolio. This enables us to have at our finger tips many rescores to ensure that your requests are met with.

We operate on a global scale that knows no boundaries. Primarily Dutch Export & Trading exports horti/agricultural and food industry related products and services. Due to recent developments Dutch Export & trading has expanded their business capabilities to be able to supply all products and services depending on cliënt requirements.

At Dutch Export & Trading we are constantly trying to keep our cliënts satisfied and by doing so we are able to create a larger network and long-term relationships. If your company has special requirements that are not mentioned on our website please do not hesitate to send us your specifications. We can ensure you that we are able to aid your company further.

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