From our clients we get often the question: “Can you supply……?” Our answer is “Yes we can!” Our company is very open minded and we think along with our clients to help them further.

First of all we possess alot of experience in the export business. This makes it possible that we are able to deliver more than our primary export products and services. We started developing Miscellaneous Export because our clients wanted to keep working with us and we developed a method to realise this.

Secondly we have a large network of suppliers. This is made possible due to our long term relationships and connections and we are therefore able to export and trade many products. Even when it is not at our disposal we will find ways to meet the requirements of a client. For example we can export tea, cacao, bullsemen, fruit juice, heifers, diapers and many more products. Our work is to deliver products from supplier to the client.


Get in touch with us to find out a large variety of many options in Export & Trade.

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